Trump’s IQ Under 90: Trump Campaign Says It’s ‘Preparing’ to Sue Cliff Sims Over Tell-All Book


Editor’s note:  So many are trying to represent Trump in a positive light.  Truth is, even Congress, the biggest pack of morons yet, has written him off even though he has widened the feeding trough of the GOP with his climate denialism and massive fake military spending.

What is coming is a book that simply describes a White House of losers that sit around and act tough, grab each others dicks and, just like Trump, brag about women they’ve paid for.

Too many of us are beginning to think this is exactly the government America deserves.  America, all that is left, is a ‘state of mind,’ no longer a nation, that some who love individual freedom and accomplishment, who love human values and sacrifice, still hold dear.

We are the real 1%.

Daily Beast: President Trump’s re-election campaign said Monday that it is preparing to sue former White House staffer Cliff Sims for violating his non-disclosure agreement in his new tell-all book about his experience in the White House.

“The Trump campaign is preparing to file suit against Cliff Sims for violating our NDA,” Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer for the Trump 2020 campaign, tweeted Tuesday morning. President Trump called Sims a “gofer” whom he hardly knew in a tweet, all while the author was live on CNN.

The book, Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House, includes a number of new revelations. Sims responded to Trump’s Twitter attacks on-air: “My identity is not wrapped up in being a Trump staffer… It doesn’t matter to me what Donald Trump or anyone else says I am.”

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  1. A very safe book, from a guy who can only go up by publishing. I would say he most likely personifies the back biting and mistrust we already knew was going on. Or does he ?
    There is no honor in publishing it, and probably nothing to learn by reading it. Gossip and shop talk is just a handful of dog treats for the media. It’s a great distraction, delivered by another “small person”.
    Stop squirming away from the issues.

    • Gordon, in times like these “good person”, “bad person” becomes almost meaningless. Haven’t you experiened that people you have tagged as “good” suddenly do bad things? And some times “bad” people do good things? I‘ll bet the first case is very irritating. And the second, well confusing, Did you btw see this? With founder of the Peace Research Institute Johan Galtung? ( the video has subtitles if you press the lower right white square )

  2. I listened to what Simms said in the two videos, and it didn’t really give me a bad impression of Trump: He is actually a great host, an interesting person to talk to, and a very likeable person, even Hillary says so.
    What I really dislike is when elected leaders publicly tell blatant lies to the people who elected them. Take for example the lady who runs the UK. Now maybe she was fooled by her advisors, and just repeated what they had told her. But when I read (perhaps here on VT or some other place) that the girl who first found the Skripals unconscious on a bench, was actually the daughter of Britain’s head military nurse – with a General’s rank or something like that – then it dawned at me that we most certainly are dealing with foul play.
    But of course it is difficult to assign guilt to particullar persons. It is rather the whole system that is not working the way it should. It is a system where honesty requires an enormous amount of courage – that 99% just don’t have.

    • Some people like Trump, like him alot. I spent some time around a couple of his “in groups.” Here is what you will find, the people who like him are, generally, not people any of the rest of us would associate with. They are, to a one, sycophants and hangers’on.

      New York mob folks consider him “bad news.”

      I questioned friends within his community during the 80s and 90’s including “super model” types that I won’t get into why or how I know them but….

      none would associate with him, and by “associate” I mean, “leave the room.” His “rep” is not as a “locker room” type but more as a “Ted Bundy” type.

      Women are afraid of him. Stories told by mob bosses, not entirely reliable but better than anything available to anyone who posts here, tell of Trump being dangerous to women and kids.

      These are stories, real stories, from people who know Trump very well. I can’t say they are true, they are “stories.”

      Does Trump pay publicists to spread the word that he is a murderer and serial rapist?

      I have taken a look at this possibility.

      However, for people who don’t have inside sources, and i do, or who are overly careless about where they get information, and some regulars need to tighten up a bit, making wild assumptions about Trump, an obvious total moron and sociopath, as being something else is foolishness.

    • What I know about Trump from “inside sources” is that architects, engineers, and contractors who have worked on a Trump project generally say “never again”. Big city developers are generally bad clients, and Trump is among the worst of the worst in that regard.

  3. Frim say 1 the media’s agenda has been to crush Trump. Books are a good way to do it. Propaganda, it’s all propaganda.

  4. Non disclosure agreements should not be permitted. Imagine when Slick Willie or Bill Clinton was in the WH hallway with his fly open and the mouth of Monica with his thing in it. This was the level of our government then and now. Secrecy hides these facts. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. The single event above is likely the tip of the iceberg. And today Slick Willie, another lying lawyer has secret service armed protection 24/7 as does his lying lawyer wife. What a disgrace this country; ;has degenerated to.

    • Now consider this “uplifting” thought for the day: The next election may again be a choice between the same two monsters again: Israel Lover Lying lawyer Hillary or Israel Lover liar con artist Trump! Have a good day.

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