Stone and Jones, the Indefensible Twins, Stone Admits Lying on InfoWars

The combo-over twins sans Roy Cohn

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

As questions swirl about his credibility, former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone settled a defamation suit seeking $100 million in damages on Monday for publishing false and misleading statements on, a far-right website known for promoting conspiracy theories.(WSJ)

Some history of Stone and Jones and their closet-kosher schmear campaigns, Hillarygate/Emailgate/Pizzagate/Wikileaks and the one now biting Stone in the ass, his email tough guy routine involving a federal witness and threats against a dog.  Read on:

Stone’s use of social media to spread misinformation comes as a pair of new reports prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee document how Russian operatives made extensive use of these platforms to spread propaganda and suppress the vote. (

And the Stone/Jones Pizzagate hoax that so many still believe, watch and grab a hanky:

Our version is more subtle and, of course as you can tell from his huge fat ass, Trump isn’t here for sex at all, that he gets at Epstein’s place, he’s here for the pizza.

It’s coming, few imagine to what extent.  Trump isn’t doing it but he is moving it forward.  Trump is nothing compared to the Bush 43 administration, the Cheney presidency that destroyed whatever basis we had for a cohesive nation.

and from The Wrap:

“Roger Stone retracts and apologizes for statements he made regarding Guo Wengui,” Stone said in a statement that included a list of falsehood he admitted to spreading. “Recognizing my errors, I reached out to Mr. Guo and asked him to settle his defamation lawsuit against me. Mr. Guo graciously agreed to accept my regrets and apology.”

Among the false statements were claims that Guo had been found guilty of financial crimes in the United States and has violated U.S. election law by making donations Hillary Clinton and even a nascent presidential campaign for Steve Bannon — who Guo is known to be close to. 

Since Trump took office, Stone has become a regular guest on Alex Jones’ conspiracy-minded radio show InfoWars, where he floated the claims about Guo that he was ultimately forced to apologize for. Stone’s predicament is a familiar on the InfoWars set, as Jones himself has more than once been forced to walk back his statements under threat of legal consequences.

In May 2017, Jones apologized to yogurt giant Chobani after saying one of their plants in Twins Falls, Idaho — which employs refugees — had been involved in child sexual assault and a tuberculosis spike. Just months earlier, he also apologized spreading the infamous Pizzagate conspiracy, which asserted that a child pedophile ring connected to Hillary Clinton was secretly operating in the basement of a Washington D.C. restaurant.


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  1. The military style SWAT raid on Stone’s residence would have been more in line with raiding a major drug dealer of Mob kingpin.
    29 SWAT members in 17 vehicles, wearing body armor and brandishing automatic weapons to arrest Stone in the middle of the night are the sort of tactics used by the Gestapo, KGB or East German Secret police.
    Instead they are the tactics of the new police order. In most cases SWAT teams shoot and kill the family pets. In some cases tossing grenades into a baby’s crib will suffice or maybe they simply gun down the unfortunate home owner , then hold the rest of the family hostage for 8 or 9 hours while they ransack and destroy the home leaving the owner with a massive repair bill.
    Thei is America today, where anyone can be at anytime, in the middle of the night assaulted by heavily armed men on pep pills and steroids tossing flash bang grenades and terrorizing families only to find otu they have the wrong address.
    Oh, well. Too bad we shot and murdered your husband…even if he was veteran.
    Don’t expect any compensation for the damage to your home, you lives or your sanity. Your pets and your husband are dead. Tough luck.
    We’re the police and we have qualified immunity.
    So screw you!
    Tough luck.

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