Report From Syria: America’s Economic War on the Syrian People a Huge Success, They are Dying


…by Gordon Duff from America, with Nahed al Husaini and Tom Duggan from Beirut, Sidon, Damascus and Aleppo

“I am ‘re sharing this video shot in 2016 on the regrowth of Syrian business. Due to the fact that the USA has just started discussing more sanctions on Syria
please give Syrian people a chance to rebuild it’s economic future as sanctions hurt the poor. They effect work and cost of living. Now is the time for diplomacy not sanctions. Let Syria rebuild itself.”

Samar Othman of the International Assoc. of Islamic Business with Nahed al Husaini of VT

The photo above was taken in Damascus yesterday, as Othman and others from around the Middle East will be meeting with the Syrian Parliament.

You see, there are freezing, starving, with food supplies held in ISIS and now American (we are still there it seems) and Kurdish territories.

Splitting up Syria is intended on destroying the Syrian people, first with Turkey looting their industry, stealing entire factories from a nation with a highly developed industrial economy.

Then “they” began on the oil, cutting that revenue to nothing, shipping it all through Turkey and splitting the funds there with Turkish politicians and their ISIS partners.

From there, water supplies, first destroyed for the cities, Aleppo, Damascus, Deir Ezzor, Daraa, one after the other, water sources seized, plants shut down and sabotaged, this has been a war on the people from day one.

You see, to America, even medical supplies are “war matériel.”  Remember the two million Iraqi children American killed with sanctions?  No one is going to forget that and even less likely for America’s love affair with chemical warfare.

Let’s also remember the German chemical firms that armed Saddam, with every sale going through Prescott Bush and Company, a secret arms dealing firm owned by the brother of George HW Bush.

Back during World War II, the Bush family armed the Nazis, arming Saddam against Iran was part of a program the Bush family and their masters in the Rothschild run City of London have been working on for many centuries.

Opening speach Arab Tribal Leaders .Lebanon

Posted by Tom Duggan on Sunday, January 27, 2019


VT sent a delegation last week to the Syrian Tribal Council in Sidon, video above by Tom Duggan.  I would like to say that things went as we would want, with tribal leaders, some of whom I got to know while in Syria, working to unify the country.

However, calling the meeting disappointing is understatement.  Mind you, Syria is a nation America could and should support, a nation Israel should want as a neighbor, one capable of expanding its democracy, one working to become inclusive under the leadership of President Assad.

Not all of those things are coming to pass.  Tribal leaders disappointed in their inability to stand behind the government, the CIA would love to have been in the room and, by our estimation, many there had the CIA’s hand on their shoulders.

Yet Damascus is filling with delegations and VT is planning a spring trip there and has been invited, or so we are told, to address the Russian Duma in Moscow as well.  We will see, talk is talk, but letting us tell the truth as we know it, something we wont’ shy away  from, has not always made us a welcome guest.

It would be nicer to have the names filled in below, but these are photos of recent groups to hit VT headquarters in Damascus, of course VT lives in a hotel lobby as there is no heat, water or electricity elsewhere.

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  1. johnZ
    I feel the same way you do but you have to understand this isnt the america any longer we grew up in.
    as a matter of fact it really isnt america at all, except for the fraudulent designations on maps.
    its what i call Z.O.S.A., the Zionist Occupied States of America, we are really not much more than a subservient colony of israel to be used and abused at israel’s descretion and pleasure as they see fit.

    • you should mention that Israel is a victim as well as a weapon. There are surely lots of gung-ho morons in Israel, but I’m sure there are a lot of brave people who are doing their best to resist. I would think that doing so in that miserable shithole is very dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous than in China, another vassal state run by the rothschilds for the benefit of their clients, principally the crown corporation which is the property of the Vatican.

      The official rules of war would no doubt permit us to flatten the city of london and the vatican with bombs dropped out of the sky. I think this would be a very good thing. Maybe some brave soul can get control of some European country’s air force and do the right thing.

  2. I am so ashamed of America. I am ashamed to be an American. There is nothing to cheer or no amount of flag waving pseudo patriotism that will ever wash away the sins committed by this nation and its leaders, especially the American people who have sat by quietly and ignored the genocide taking place inside Syria that has only benefited the most evil and lawless nation on the planet, Pisrael.
    Sooner or later it will be America’s turn to be sanctioned.
    America brings only death, destruction and chaos around the world wherever it goes.
    Our founding fathers would weep with shame.
    Nothing will change until the talmudic zionist power and influence is erased from American politics and government.
    Instead of handing over billions to that lawless state, the money should go directly to Syria.
    There is nothing to be proud about what America has done to Syria , Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and now that tRump and his cronies have set their sights on Venezuela, there will be more death and destruction in the name of spreading demockracy.

    • I second JohnZ’s excellent comment. The U.,S., is a totally corrupted cesspool today, both corrupt political parties which must be totally abolished and all laws governing them totally revoked and start over. Only when American fools begin to be on the receiving end like Syrians will they learn the hard lessons of gangster Israel’s domination of this once great country. Shame shame shame…

    • Yes. Heart-breaking to read. I suppose the US and maybe the low-rent, Turkish bandits will want a share in the ‘reconstruction’. Shame on you, Erdogan ! Disaster capitalism at its worst. Well it’s always been beyond despicable. I wonder if the people of earlier ages would ever have sunk so low.

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