Sandy Hook: Fetzer and Halbig on the False Flag Controversy


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  1. False Flag November 22, 1963
    Israel’s determination to attain the “Bomb” was rightly suspected & of course strongly opposed by JFK. but all this was kept secret by the MSM & general US public both before & after the assassination.
    This was “of course” down to “National Security” so strictly maintained by all involved that Ethan Bronner, in the New York Times, called Israel’s drive to build a nuclear bomb “a fiercely hidden subject.”
    Finally JFK threatned to withdraw all US economic aid unless Israel allows US inspection of “Dimona” in a a letter to Ben Gurion.
    Immediately Ben Gurion resigned in disgust & before receipt of the letter saying that because of JFK’s policies, Israel’s “existence [was] in danger” & by so doing gained valuable time in “negociations”.
    Then upon JFK’s assassination, BINGO U.S. policy toward Israel began an immediate 180-degree turnaround.
    Maverick Israeli journalist Barry Chamish acknowledges that there exists “a pretty cogent case” for Mossad collaboration with the CIA in the assassination conspiracy.
    BTW — In July 2004 the Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu claimed in the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper that the State of Israel was complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He claimed there were “near-certain indications” that Kennedy was assassinated in response to “pressure he exerted on Israel’s then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona’s nuclear reactor”

  2. I’m glad that VT chose to post this interview. Somehow I missed this one.
    The truth is obvious but why is there such effort to cover up the lies and deceit going to spp much trouble and effort even to threaten Halbig.
    The Bostons marathon bombing is another example of a staged false flag.
    The school shooting in Florida and in San Bernardino, where two innocent young Muslims were summarily murdered, execution style in order to cover up what really happened and who really did the shooting.
    We have the cowardice of the Broward County Sheriffs dept and Scott Israel, who by the way has been relieved of command and fired. Was it cowardice or were those deputies ordered to stand down and wait until the shooters left the school?
    Americans are being played. We have to restore the rule of law and bring all those guilty of these events to justice.
    No matter who they are.

    • Since there are three basic types of false flag events: only fake victims, a mixture of fake and real victims, and only real victims, the truth of Sandy Hook beyond the official story containing many lies is not obvious.

  3. I am sort of a latecomer, and in my time have not seen anything by JF on VT. But I understand he used to be a regular contributor and then there was a dispute. I am also aware that Amazon would not sell his book any longer. Isn’t there a local community that can straighten things out among themselves? Or has society degenerated so far that the locals are total strangers to each other?

  4. Does Gordon Duff posting this indicate that he has newer information that has revised his opinion of the work of Fetzer and Halbig regarding Sandy Hook? And why no Editor’s Note to enlighten us?

  5. We all know who Jim Fetzer is, but it was great to hear Wolfgang Halbigs comments re Sandy Hook.
    Something smells on the end of that hook.

  6. FEMA set up shop on the westside highway just blocks from the WTC on september 9 for a drill of a hypothetical terror attack on new york. coincidence?
    “They Held An Active Shooter Drill 9 Months Before Pittsburgh Shooting – Coincidence?”
    jewish members of the synagogue played active roles in the staged drills

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