U.S. attempting to engineer coup d’etat in Venezuela: Russia


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U.S. attempting to engineer coup d’etat in Venezuela: Russia

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the Security Council called by the U.S. in New York City on Saturday, Nebenzya said Venezuela did not pose a threat to international peace and security and should not be on its agenda.

“If anything represents a threat to peace and security, it is the shameless and aggressive actions of the United States and their allies to oust a legitimately elected president of Venezuela,” the Russian diplomat said.

Nebenzya also harked back to previous US meddlesome policies in Latin American countries, such as Nicaragua, and said Washington still considered Latin America its “backyard.”

Alexander Shchetinin, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s director for its Latin America Department, on Friday offered to mediate between the Venezuelan government and opposition.

Shchetinin said Moscow was ready to cooperate with international players and use its capacity to ensure “dialog is established” between the conflicting parties in Venezuela.

Venezuela is convulsed by a political crisis. On Wednesday, opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself “interim president” of the country, rejecting the presidency of Nicolas Maduro, who was sworn in earlier this month after winning elections boycotted by the opposition.

Minutes after Guaido’s self-proclamation, the US said it recognized him as the “legitimate” leader of Venezuela, calling on other countries to follow suit.

The government of President Maduro responded by cutting ties with the US.

During a lengthy speech at a special session at the Supreme Court on Friday, Maduro censured US President Donald Trump for seeking to orchestrate a coup against his government and backing the self-declared leader.

Pro- and anti-government rallies were also held in the capital Caracas.

Some other members of the Security Council, including South Africa, Equatorial Guinea and China, also took a jab at the US for interfering in the internal affairs of an independent country.

They blocked a US push for a UN Security Council statement and expressed their full support for Venezuela’s National Assembly as the country’s “only democratically elected institution.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, renewed Washington’s opposition to Maduro’s rule, describing it as the former government of the Latin American country.

Addressing the Security Council’s Saturday session, Pompeo called on UN countries to “pick a side” on Venezuela.

He recognized Guaido as head of state and urged Maduro to step down.

“Now it is time for every other nation to pick a side. No more delays, no more games. Either you stand with the forces of freedom, or you’re in league with Maduro and his mayhem,” Pompeo told the council.

He called on all members of the Security Council to support what he called “Venezuela’s democratic transition” and “Guaido’s role” in it.

He added that Washington would help “recover a brighter future for Venezuela” and urged nations to support the “democratic aspirations” of Venezuelan people.

The US has a long record for “regime change” campaigns in Venezuela and other countries. In 2002, the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, was ousted for two days in a US-backed coup that was ultimately defeated.

Maduro was sworn in for a second term on January 10, after a vote marred by an opposition boycott and claims of vote-rigging.

Oil-rich Venezuela is currently mired in economic turmoil, with people grappling with hyperinflation, power cuts and shortages of basic items.

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  1. I hope Putin works out a deal where they tell the Israeli and U.S. gangsters Israel Lover Trump, and Israel lovers Pompeo and Bolton to go F themselves. Boycott the totally corrupt U.S. Military parasites. Walk by any recruiting office. Do not listen to their lies. Don’t waste your good life in our gestapo Military patterned after Nazi, Germany and the IDF.

    • As a corollary if you are majoring in physics, mathematics, engineering or related fields, boycott and avoid any jobs which aid the corrupt military industrial complex and production of weapons of mass destruction used by our government and others to kill innocent people world wide. Let the elitist whores and Yale and Harvard volunteer to give up their cowardly lives for nothing for a change. The draft must be reinstated just to get these worthless pieces of garbage in the military today.

  2. I call on members of the armed forces of the United States to overthrow the tRump regime in Washington, arrest everyone and hold new elections within eight days.
    tRump must leave Washington.

  3. There is no doubt that UK France siding with US are gangster evil regimes that support tragedies and unlawful elections throughout the world.

    • It’s not about ANY of the above . . . it’s about the MILLIONS, turned billions, that the BofE (Bank of England) is holding in gold bouillon which was deposited by Venezuela. The deposit had millions in value and then the rate changed, or something, and now the gold is worth billions, or so.

      They are stealing the gold in the most bizarre international bank heist — EVAH!

  4. The only thing that US/UK hate more than their failed coups is russian diplomatic mediators working between the targeted sides/oppositions, so they prefer to see the Russians dead, like Karlov recently. Another rooster in the international military intelligence arena is a nightmare for Parfumed princes of Pentagon. Allthough in diplomatic and media handling terms Russians fall back few decades behind angloamericans, the things are changing. Everyone will have studied John Perkins Confessions coup d’etat script by now. Fortunately for Venezuela they are not so many renowned terrorist organizations paid for through Pentagon budget in vicinity that could be deployed or hatched from within. But colour and/or spring revolution is always around the corner.

  5. Who is really hiding behind the Khazars ? I am not so sure they are the real culprits because I know about Jesuits and the nowaday´s pope

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