Intel Drop: Israel’s Man, Roger Stone


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
From Politico:

Stone met Trump in 1979. The matchmaker was the infamous Roy Cohn, and the context was the fledgling Ronald Reagan presidential bid. Just 27 at the time, six years younger than Trump, Stone was in New York working as the campaign’s regional political director.

Editor’s note:  Roy Cohn had sex with every young man he kept company with, or so we are told by nearly everyone, including private sources who knew them from Le Club.

We begin with a tale.  Not everyone is who they seem to be.  By that, we mean the whole deal, that even as many as a dozen members of congress, according to a briefing from a former high ranking FBI counter-intelligence team supervisor, are ‘fake people.’

We could talk about Stone and rigged elections or odd things in Florida but we won’t.

We could talk about Trump/Bayrock properties, Kosher Nostra partnerships, in Broward and Dade County.  Some house Russians giving birth to new fake American anchor babies, others simply have kidnapped teens there, part of the charm and appeal of Florida’s golfing resort life style that drags trash from around the world to places like Maralago.

To run it all, well we will touch on that as well.  The FBI is, however, in over their heads here as every judge and prosecutor they will need has been burned as well, themselves or family members, this is an industry and these folks aren’t amateurs.

Then again, we will also note that not everyone is who we think they are.

Some are Russians, like in the TV show, The Americans.  More are working for Israel, men of sorts such as Julian Assange, particularly anyone from the US, UK, Canada or Australia, that can pass for “waspish” or “Nordic looking.”

They are given fake backgrounds, called “legends,” and continually fed opportunities, and placed in the limelight despite personal mediocrity.

All doors open for them as the family Rothschild and their minions control all doors, news media, the door to the White House, jobs with congress, friends with judgeships, local police to do your bidding….

We aren’t saying Stone is one of them.  Trump is.  So is the Bush family, all of them.

No, we aren’t going to accuse poor Roger Stone.

You will want to look at, for instance, the Federal prosecutor that was Chief of the Organized Crime-Terrorism unit that went after bin Laden and that ran New York when the Mossad and Mohamed Atta detonated several buildings on 9/11.

Their names are English or Irish most often, I have no idea who made up the name “Assange.”

Its like Rupert Murdoch, you can gain waspish sounding names through marriage.

Ever hear of “Scooter Libby?”  Trump pardoned him on April 13, 2018.  Why?

It used to be Roy Cohn, then head of the New York kosher mob, the man who laid the ground for the Kosher Nostra and its penetration of the White House through sexual blackmail.

Cohn loved young men of power, loved to “do them” as Roger Stone loved to tell about.  He first got his hands on George W. Bush while Bush as at Yale.  Donald Trump was another “boy toy” for Cohn, moving along with Trump and Roger Smith as “W” had, in and out of the “glory hole” lifestyle of pre-AIDS New York.

Trump was targeted from day one, fed to Mossadnik Gisele Maxwell, who along with Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump set up a human trafficking organization inside Florida that included local law enforcement who added that skill to their normal drug running.

The Sun Sentinel gets a piece of the story but misses the extent of it:

“A campaign operative who built his career on smearing political enemies, publicly calls women the C-word and consulted for attorney-turned-Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothsteinhas become one of Sheriff Scott Israel’s trusted political guides.

The sheriff’s relationship with Roger Stone is a bond of contradictions, tying Broward’s highest-ranking Democrat with a longtime Republican-turned-Libertarian. The sheriff is a man of old-fashioned manners who rarely curses, and who talks about integrity at every turn.

Stone hurls profanity at women on social networks, and once called Sheriff Israel “an unqualified punk, a racist and a thief.”

Publications from The New York Times to the National Enquirer to the Washington Post have written about Stone, a distinctive looking, bleached-blonde, fashion aficionado with a strange Nixon tattoo. He’s been termed a “professional lord of mischief,” a “boastful black prince of Republican sleaze,” and on the cover of New Yorker, the label most often affixed to him: “The Dirty Trickster.”

The political hit-man-for-hire usually has his hand in national contests — he’s a veteran of presidential political campaigns from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to John McCain to Donald Trump.”

The real trail, where the blood will flow, is Deutche Bank, source of the cash that bought Donald Trump when he was “dirt cheap” and “flat broke.”  The cash came through Russia, part of the endless billions stolen by fake “oligarchs” who looted the Soviet Union and laid the groundwork for the prison camps of Siberia to begin filling the penthouse apartments in the Trump Tower with heavily tattooed thugs.

But we are ahead of ourselves, the indictment and a short video:


Stone Indictment 012419 by on Scribd

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  1. VT had an article “putin bombs the shit out of ISIS” by oliver stone that said
    “Newsweek also didn’t want to give Russia credit for eliminating ISIS leader Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,[4] who, as VT has reported back in 2014, happened to be the “son of Jewish parents” and a “Mossad agent.”
    i tried to link on to the article for “son of Jewish parents” and a “Mossad agent.” but it said “error; article cant be found”
    i very much want to read this article can you link it here or repost it?

  2. You will want to look at, for instance, the Federal prosecutor that was Chief of the Organized Crime-Terrorism unit that went after bin Laden and that ran New York when the Mossad and Mohamed Atta detonated several buildings on 9/11.
    mohamed atta? hey duffer show me proof atta did 9/11 cause the F.B.I. sure as hell couldnt. atta was safe and sound at home in egypt then. mossad/cheney operatives used his passport, as they did with the other fall guys, to pin the blame on. its been proven through legitimate investigations that many of the socalled hijackers were not only not in america but were still alive and well well after 9/11 so wheres your proof atta did 9/11?

    • why dont you mention who the “Federal prosecutor that was Chief of the Organized Crime-Terrorism unit that went after bin Laden and that ran New York ” was instead of playing this little head game like a little girl in grammar school?
      chertoff, son of the very first jew israel female mossad operative or rudy “get rich on 9/11” guiliani

  3. I had to look up the word “sayanim”, which is a Hebrew plural, that is otherwise unknown to me:
    « Die Sayanim (Singular sayan, vom Hebräischen Gehilfe, Helfer) sind seit der Veröffentlichung des Werkes eines ehemaligen Agenten des israelischen Geheimdienstes, Victor Ostrovsky, als passive Agenten oder gemeinhin besser als „schlafende Agenten“ bekannt, die sich außerhalb von Israel aufhalten, bereit, den Agenten des …». Aha, it is “helpers”, or more spcifically after Ostrovsky, “sleeping spies”.
    In Russian it is Сайаним, and in Hebrew סייענים

  4. This definitely sounds like a plot. But for me the jigsaw pieces do not quite fit togeter. Is this the type of plot where a patsy will pop out of the box at some stage? Like when a war is about to happen?
    As in 1 Kings 3 : 16-28, the king Salomon said, “Give her the living child, and in no wise slay it: she is the mother thereof”. In the same way I think the innocent party here, is the party that has no use for a war.

  5. Good article & research. Enjoyed the verisimilitude. Sayanim Tribe is spot on. Stone ties into Alex Jones, CIA/Mossad Deep State, Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, Zionist Robert Mercer’s algotrithms, Stephen Bannon et al.

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