By Robert Steele

The resignation of James Mattis as Secretary of Defense is both necessary and timely. The Secretary of Defense simply does not “get” that the Koreas will be unified, denuclearized, and demilitarized; that most of not all US bases overseas will be closed starting in Germany and the Italy and Japan; and that it was  the Zionists, not Iran, that did the Marine Beirut Barracks bombing.

As with so many in Washington, he has reached the limits of his capabilities and is not ready for the brave new world that is going to include extraterrestial disclosure and the termination of mind-control, geoengineering, and the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) that SecDef has probably not bee fully briefed on.

SecDef simply does not “get” that President Trump must achieve an end to elective wars and predatory unilateral militarism abroad (as well as CIA’s smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children), if he is to get a grip on the US Government that supports multiple elite crime families including the Bush and Clinton crime families particularly.

Of equal value to all of us — and to President Trump — is the “bi-partsian” dismay over this resignation.  That tells us all we need to know about the plain fact that most Republican members of Congress are just as worthless as most Democratic members of Congress, and a wholesale turnover of Congress is needed in 2020.

With the exception of myself and a couple of others, none of us being listened to, no one in Washington has conceptualized a Grand Strategy for global engagement (Diplomacy, Development, Defense, & Commerce or D3C), nor specified the steps that need to be  taken to both cut the Department of Defense budget in half (half of the budget is documented waste) while also creating a competent combined arms force that can win wars.

No one is serious about our vulnerabilities with respect to satellites, geospacial information, communication and computing long compromised by the Zionists and others, or the plan fact that we need to end the use of contractors as heavy lifters at the operational and tactical levels.

I have no idea who the President might be considering as a replacement, but pray  that he will select someone who actually understands that DoD is a paper tiger whose primary mission in life is to serve as a funnel for ripping off the US taxpayer and channeling hard-earned taxpayer dollars and very stupidly borrowed dollars to the 1%  that own the pay to play system.

My prayers are with the President, may  God shine his light on the President, and help select a SecDef with the intelligence, integrity, and imagination to understand that cutting DoD in half is how we both end all of the black projects that are destroying the Republic and the world; and begin the process of cutting the Federal government in half, while making America stronger — great — again.

God Bless America.


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  1. ” My prayers are with the President, may God shine his light on the President,
    God Bless America.”
    Enough of this sort of “communication” with an imaginary entity PLEASE !

  2. Well Steele you may or may not be right about the alien question, but even suggesting their existence brings out the trolls who only want to void your credibility.
    The vast majority of commenters across the Web support Trump’s decision to leave Syria.

  3. Soory no real Aliens. That’s always been the Freemason hoodwink agenda & Euclid’s 47th problem. Mandelbrot’s Set, Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz) tells any critical thinker the truth. Bacteria, Immune systems problems etc. only add to the complexity. Fermi’s Paradox still applies today. Panem et Circenses

  4. Are we stoooopid? You think attorney general barr, an iran contra bush cabal drug trafficker himself, is gonna clean house? Extraterrestrial? Keep on denying God, filthy scumbags!

  5. Yup . . . Marines in the Beirut bitch slap of, what was it 1984?
    Zion just wants to keep starting shit. I don’t know why that is.

    Ask Mattis. Wasn’t he around during that time?

    I heard something recently, apparently from someone with their brain disengaged. Muttered something about the “natural order of things, from the destruction to the new growth” and it was on the lines of the Winter Solstice . . . from fall into winter, or some crap.

    Anyway . . . I got very annoyed, and thought “destruction” is one thing, and it sure as shit isn’t the opposite of “new growth”

    Sure you can have “new growth” after the proper noun is destroyed.

    “DESTROY: put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it.”

    Destruction is just that. DESTRUCTION.

    NOTHING good grows from that.


    And in order to destruct . . . there must be something there to . . . oh, what’s the conjecturing verb I’m looking for?? Right . . . destroy. In order to have any sort of “destruction” there must be something in existence to destroy.

    And that is not NATURAL.

    Naturally, things don’t “destroy” themselves.

    They age out. That’s your nature, right there.
    Or, they rust, or they don’t work so good anymore.
    Nature is a process of age, not destruction.

    Plow shares for all!

    • Oh, the point . . .


      Good article.

      Mattis got out because he’s not acted naturally. He’s behaved immorally, unnaturally, but now he’s aging out. The only reason he’s “retiring” is because there’s no money in it for him . . . oh . . . AND, he’s way. way way too exposed under Humpty Trumpty. WAY to exposed. He does not want to end up being Cosby’s or Madoff’s cell mate. Although what Mattis has managed to sock-puppet away, his rations really weren’t ever enough, so he did a lot of moon lighting. They have to accept the fact ALL ill-gotten gain is meaningless.

      Not quite sure I get this:

      “SecDef simply does not “get” that President Trump must achieve an end to elective wars and predatory unilateral militarism abroad (as well as CIA’s smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children), if he is to get a grip on the US Government that supports multiple elite crime families including the Bush and Clinton crime families particularly.”

      Corner the market on . . . drugs, guns, gold, cash and small children?

      Hmmmmmmm . . . isn’t that what they ARE trying to do?? I think SecDef actually does get that. They just have no idea what to do about this Mad Hatter Queen of Hearts match up.

      And let’s be real here, kids . . . isn’t that what they’ve been trying to do since . . . the beginning.

      Lions and Tigers and Bears . . . oh, my!

    • There have been quite a few nations destroyed this past 100 years. Unnaturally and ungodly, in my observations. But, what do I know?

  6. The Wright Brothers were not the first to fly, but they did invent and patent the means to control the aircraft in flight.

  7. Is this a satire piece; insofar as setting Trump above and apart from the Zionist lackeys occupying the US government?

  8. You got it…. I hope you are right about ending geoengineering, before they sterilise the planet (and us as well). Trees dying, insects have vanished, so few birds this year…

  9. The event did reveal the hawks and lackeys, and the loyalists. The drivel about empowering ISIS is about the stupidest thing out there, as everyone knows, Americans on their soil is what riles up any populace.
    Love your 50 % , and I raise you another 30 because space and computers can go to the civilian sector, and creative compensation can cover the cost without touching taxes. I would be selling submarine rides, jet rides, space rides, and tank rides. Things we now give away to socialites and special interest. Ticket sales, are abnormally untapped resource. Drive a tank for 1000 , jets are 4000, and for an extra 5 grand and a quick medical check, vertical takeoff. The shows on the boats are just the tip of the iceberg. And tell the NFL, the price of flyovers just tripled. But we might land a Blackhawk on the field and take the lucky winners for a ride.
    The gov was spending millions to achieve flight while a couple dudes in a bike shop did it first.

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