BREXIT is Going According to Plan


by Ian Greenhalgh

Yes, BREXIT, despite looking like utter chaos wrapped in a thick blanket of confusion, is actually proceeding exactly how I predicted it would right at the start of the process. I had it figured out because I correctly identified it as a plot by the Judeo-Zionist criminal oligarchy.

The chaos and confusion, the destabilising of the British nation, government and political parties, all of it is an intended result of the BREXIT process.

Make no mistake, I am a firm supporter of getting Britain out of the EU, of restoring sovereignty and control of our immigration policies and orders, to say nothing of ditching the agricultural and economic policies we have had to follow.

However, I have also been aware since the start that the BREXIT chalice is a poisoned one, something that was made most obvious by the choice of Zionist stooges Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, men of little moral fibre who would sell their own mother for a tidy payoff, to lead the BREXIT campaign.

BREXIT has dominated British politics in recent month, almost to the total exclusion of all else; only the farcical Skripal poisoning and the shameful anti-semitic allegations against the Labour Party have made any inroads into the blanket BREXIT news coverage.

No other issue has so totally dominated British politics for at least a generation, to the extent that the British people are absolutely sick to death of BREXIT, they just want to get it over and done with, many saying to hell with the consequences.

The long, drawn out death rattle nature of the BREXIT negotiation process has had the effect of so sickening the British people at the apparent ineptness of the political leadership, of stirring up such disgust at the childish bickering and ruthless politicking of the members of Parliament that faith in the ability of the government to actually govern is at a very low level.

The last ten years of austerity has also done much to erode the faith of the British people in it’s government and supporting bureaucracy. We have seen the gradual loss of innumerable public and private sector services – the police are massively under-resourced and undermanned, the hospitals are struggling to cope, there are critical shortages of doctors and nursing staff, the train services are becoming ever more expensive while ever more unreliable, the road and rail infrastructure is crumbling in places, deteriorating almost everywhere, schools are struggling with class sizes and underfunding, Britain is a country seemingly trapped in a slow, steady decline, a downward spiral of austerity and gradual decay.

Yet there is immense wealth in Britain, we have one of the 5 or 6 largest economies on the planet; at the same time, between one quarter and one fifth of the British population lives below the poverty line.

Incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire and the horrific spate of gang-related violence and knife crime that has beset the inner cities have only served to stir up further resentment and disenfranchisement among the British populace and an ever-growing discontentment with the government and the established order.

Which goes a long way to explaining why BREXIT is happening, why the British people voted to leave the EU. To have this goal hijacked and exploited by the Judeo-Zionist criminal oligarchy is most galling indeed – we will get the BREXIT we desire, but it will be accompanied by all kinds of negative consequences.

I do not know what will happen come March 2019 when BREXIT finally takes place but I remain convinced that it will be far from a peaceful, smooth transition.

Let’s get one thing straight – there is not going to be any BREXIT deal, it will be a hard, no deal BREXIT, this has been inevitable from day one in my eyes as the Euro bureaucracy lead by Tusk and Junker will make sure everything within their power is done to make it as brutal and unpleasant as possible for Britain in order to discourage other European nations from also exiting the EU.

There are disturbing signs that many in the British government and it’s police and military forces share my concerns about the possible problems that BREXIT will bring. A few weeks ago the British Army’s chief spokesman mentioned on the BBC that the army had been training it’s troops to be ready to assist the police in the event of a no-deal BREXIT.

How bad may things get? To be frank, we may see the country disintegrate with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland leaving the union and The United Kingdom replaced by the smaller, weakened states of England, Scotland, Wales and Ulster, a balkanised, emasculated Britain.

I also fear a ‘colour revolution’ where the highly disturbing prospect of a stooge such as Boris Johnson being installed at the head of a corrupt oligarchy in much the same manner as the Poroshenko regime came to pass in Ukraine as a result of the Maidan false flag coup. Is it too hard to imagine the snipers firing at both police and protesters scenario being repeated in Parliament Square or Trafalgar Square? Or on the Champs-Elysee or Unter Den Linden or Las Ramblas….

As recent events in France have reminded us, the major European nations – Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and a few others are all ripe for a descent into civil unrest and internal conflict. In Spain, the Catalan independence issue remains unresolved, Germany is a festering mass of discontentment largely fuelled by Merkel’s admission of millions of so-called refugees, the immigrant issue is a major factor fuelling the discontent from Sweden to Italy.

It is clear that underlying this growing wave of discontent is a Judeo-Zionist plot to destabilise the nations of Europe, to Balkanise the continent by creating new independent states from Catalunia and Ulster to Wallonia and Bavaria. This is the well tried and tested strategy of Divide and Conquer that is found in the Protocols of Zion and oft used to control and manipulate the goyim masses.

Ultimately, we could see a third great war envelope the continent; but this will not be a war of massed armies annihilating each other across wide battlefields, the large armies and will of the people to wage such a war no longer exist. The third war will be fought on the streets of Europe’s cities and towns and it will be factional, with a number of factions, both governmental and rebel vying for power amidst a patchwork of ever shifting alliances. Much like the Syrian war in fact, which may be serving a role as a test case, an experiment to define and refine the techniques that will then be applied to Europe.

The Syrian war grew out of the so-called Arab Spring that destabilised many Arab nations and caused regime change in several. I see it as highly likely that the March advent of BREXIT will provide the spark that ignites a similar wave of discontent across Europe in the spring of 2019.

After a period of conflict and violence, the new regimes that will arise will be lead by puppets such as Boris Johnson in England and Marine LePenn in France, right wing governments that will be all too willing to follow the Judeo-Zionist oligarchy’s strategy. I see a ramping up of the antipathy with Russia to the point where a war starts as the next stage in that strategy following the installation of the right wing puppet governments in the wake of the ‘Euro Spring’ that I predict will sweep the continent in 2019.

I hope I’m wrong and being far too pessimistic, but things aren’t looking too good right now….

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  1. EU is an octopus expanding their tentacles all over with the aim to control and subjugate countries. Greece is already a economic slave of the EU. The Brexit mess is created by EU as one is allowed to join them and not allowed to leave ! Just like a gangster cartel of politicians having juicy jobs scared of loosing their privileges as other countries are watching the result of Uk’s leaving the EU.

    This shows that countries that did NOT join them were vert wise in keeping their sovereignty and it is UK’s mistake in joining the EU what is the problem now. They fall in a trap same as many other countries who are sustaining/ maintaining so many jobs that benefits nobody.

  2. I have my country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing to be concerned with.

    They have one national crisis. One?



    Let’s see . . . we got Flynn waiting for his sentencing and is most likely on suicide watch, Cohen should go into witness protection fairly soon, the sword of Damacles is being whetted, stocks volley, they got Greenspin, err Greenspan out of his crypt vault and he’s all mic’d up now talking shit out of the side of his face “We have to raise interest rates.”

    Best economies at the moment, and Greenspin shits on the goy again. Well played Crypt Keeper.

    I’m going to parcel this out with my own inability to care. If the folks back in Britain couldn’t give a rat’s arse . . .

    “British people are absolutely sick to death of BREXIT, they just want to get it over and done with, many saying to hell with the consequences.”

    But BRAVO!! Another “wear down” score for the U.K.
    Currently, the U.S. holds the record for “wear downs” when it took nearly two years to get Congress to write-off Iraq and Afghanistan, which Zio-bots and the schmeckle suckers that love them, claimed was due to 9/11 Saudis.

    Isn’t UK part of the EU in name only?

    Tuxedo strait jackets AND One pound sterling for all.

  3. “Germany is a festering mass of discontentment largely fuelled by Merkel’s admission of millions of so-called refugees…”

    Translate “Hellstorm” into German (if it has not already been) and provide a copy to every German household.

  4. By the way this site is maliciously being attacked, (our of memory) all the cyber bullshit is being thrown at VT. HOW DO WE STOP IT.

  5. Hitler was right. And no, he didn’t gas 6 million jews. But he saw them as the problem, paid their way to israel for those who wanted to leave, and interred the rest. But he saw the problem. And all the European laws forbidding talk of WW2 in any manner other than theirs, well they must be changed, stop the Zionist education of our children. Destroy the Silly holocaust museums. Get the picture? We have to do the same here in the states

    • Hitler was wrong in blaming Jews in general, when it is only a small elite of Sephardic Jews (as Duff and others have explained recently) that run the central banks and NWO/Deep State (or whatever you want to call it) that are true enemies of the European people. Yes, there are a significant number of Ashkenazi (Khazarian) Jews in their employ, but most of these are duped cutouts to be discarded as cannon fodder and scapegoats when needed.

    • Hilter wasn’t right or wrong. It was a double-cross, so there was no way to tell. A push did come to shove . . . unfortunately, Germany had run out of cheeks to turn.

  6. I agree with the author about Johnson, a man of no principles at all who decided to vote for Brexit shortly before the referendum even though a remain result was forecast.

    Farage, however, has been against the EU since he was a teenager. I doubt very much that he is a Zionist stooge.

  7. I guess we’ll find out for sure when March rolls around. Will it be the Ides of March? Which Caesar will be taken down this time? Et tu Bruti?
    Maybe Johnson and Farage need to watch their backs ……yon Corbyn has that lean and hungry look.
    The EU and particularly Brussels has had mixed results even worse with an alcoholic Drunker at the helm, appears to be disintegrating on its own. It can’t control the mobs in Paris, or in Germany. Or anywhere else for that matter.
    Yellow jackets for all!
    Don’t forget what it did to Greece and Italy.
    As for Catalonia, I disagree. The Catlans have always resented Madrid’s control.
    So what if Ireland and Scotland break away? A kick in the pants to the Brits for the hundreds of years of oppression and crimes against the Irish.

  8. It will hurt the EU worse than Britain. The commonwealth contains massive wealth and resources. Not to mention a few “really safe banking options”. It’s a bifurcation of protectionists and elitists. No other EU member has as much to fall back on. Not even close. The massive amount of propaganda flowing into the US should be ignored.
    “The Queen is head of state of 16 member states, known as the Commonwealth realms, while 32 other members are republics and five others have different monarchs.”
    “The countries of the Commonwealth cover more than 29,958,050 km2 (11,566,870 sq mi), equivalent to 20% of the world’s land area and spans all six inhabited continents.”

    • If you study Carroll Quigley “Tragedy and Hope” or Churchill “History of the English Speaking Peoples” there is a plan implemented by the Rothschild/Rhodes/Roundtable Movement to incorporate the USA in that World View. Some would say that this is already in place through the UNO and the Federal Reserve/BIS/IMF/Central Banking System. I do not see BREXIT as other than some sort of move closer to the USA on the part of the UK.

  9. This doesn’t make sense Ian, why would they want to destroy and balkanise Europe? The only way Israel is allowed to continue to exist is through widespread Western support. Without European and American support, it will be much more difficult for the Zionists to finance themselves and fight wars. Also every revolution is born in the slums, so the more they impoverish and abuse the West, the more likely there will be an uprising against them. All Zionist power comes from the West, without the West Israel wouldn’t exist. The only reason Israel is allowed to continue to exists is because of European power, balkanising Europe would destroy all that.

    • I would add that they do infact need some division within Western societies so that they can keep the people fighting amongst themselves. However they will put a limit on it because they would need these European countries to preserve their unity and statehood so that they can continue to protect Israel.

    • Imagine a Zionist controlled Block of UK/UAS/Commonwealth and Oligarch/Russia and Princeling/China being nudged to fullfillment of the Great Game in Asia, without interference fromj a disunited Europe.

  10. I’m in full agreement with you, I forgot to add to the article that both the immigrant ‘Islamist’ side and the far-right ‘white nationalist’ side are lead and controlled by the Judeo-Zionist criminals, that is the conflict they will try to use to ignite more widespread disorder and as you point out, Tommy Robinson AKA best pal of the Rothschilds and Israel’s #1 fan Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is prime among the agitators of that situation. On the other sde are a whole range of ‘preachers of hate’ who exploit Islam in order to create fake terror. It’s classic divide and conquer in the making.

  11. I am strongly in support for balkanised Britain. It is something British government has viciously supported all over the world for centuries, and drew international borders on napkins, while portraying anglophonia as undividable family of nations. However I don’t see it happening after Brexit, but maybe..

    • I tend to agree with you. After centuries of British domination in the middle east, India, China, Africa and other South east Asia nations, it is finally reaping what it has sown. How many people in the world suffered and died because of British colonialism? All the problems in the middle east can be traced right back to Britain.
      Still they continue to cling to that ancient medieval notion of a royal family who claim their lineage back to Arthur like the rest of the liars and crooks in the past.
      What a bunch of losers!

    • But was it really “British” Colonialism? True grit, true Brit Ian would not call it British. Look at the mechanisms for Colonial Expansion starting with Normans (South Welsh) in Eire and in Elizabethan times with the Virginia Company – was the Merchant of Venice in there somewhere? Certainly was with the British East India Company that came out of the Levant Company, with a bit of “Dutch” East India Company thrown in. These organisations had their own armies and were a Law Unto Themselves.

    • The British East India Company was the Mother of All Multinationals. How is it possible that these entities have been defined as “Persons”? The Vatican at least held out for years on the EC Constitution to have the term “Human Person” included.

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