International Zionism and Satanism Are Indistinguishable

An “active allegiance to Satan” is the political ideology of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and indeed Israel, specifically when it comes to dealing with important issues in the Middle East. The Jamal Khashoggi debacle again makes this very clear. The recent war in Yemen is another example.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

There are essentially three Zionist powerhouses in the world: Israel, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. Those powerhouses want to rule much of the world with an iron fist. They have been meddling in covert activities and diabolical espionage for more than sixty years, and the Jamal Khashoggi murder is a recent manifestation of clandestine enterprises through the decades.

One can historically argue that covert activities are engrained in the Zionist powerhouses. By 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini understood that idea very clearly precisely because it was already creating chaos in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East. Khomeini then had to attack that idea. He fleshed out a principle which continues to be true to this very day. Khomeini posited then:

“There is no crime America will not commit in order to maintain its political, economic, cultural, and military domination of those parts of the world where it predominates. It exploits the oppressed people of the world by means of the large-scale propaganda campaigns that are coordinated for it by international Zionism.

“By means of its hidden and treacherous agents, it sucks the blood of the defenseless people as if it alone, together with its satellites, had the right to live in this world. Iran has tried to sever all its relations with this Great Satan and it is for this reason that it now finds wars imposed upon it.”[1]

“International Zionism” is an apt description of what was going on then. The United States and England had already overthrown a democratically elected president in Iran by the name of Mossadegh in 1953,[2] and both countries were expanding aggressively in the Middle East to keep a diabolical empire alive and well.

By 1954, the CIA again overthrew a democratically elected official by the name of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.[3] The documents for this unfortunate coup are readily available at the National Security Archive.[4]

If one peel the ideological onion, then the logic becomes pretty clear: the United States has been in the business of overthrowing countries in the Middle East and elsewhere for a century.[5] So it is no surprise to see that Trump is treading on the same diabolical path.

Going back to the Ayatollah Khomeini, he made an attempt to solve the “international Zionism” problem by appealing to Muslim unity. But that again was another problem because countries like Saudi Arabia were already prostrating before “international Zionism.” As E. Michael Jones puts it,

“At the very moment he invoked Islamic unity, Khomeini was forced to concede that Islam was breaking up into two warring factions. The grand climactic battle of the anti-Communist crusade disguised this split for decades, but now, as intra-Islamic wars raged in Yemen and Iraq, Khomeini showed himself more of a prophet than a politician who could bring about Islamic unity. Either way, the Great Satan was exacerbating division as a means of achieving geo-political goals.”[6]

Khomeini obviously lit up a prophetic fire which again is still relevant today. “International Zionism” is still sucking the blood of virtually every nation on earth through covert activities, espionage, and deceptive means. And by metaphysically rejecting the moral and political order and embracing chaos and destruction, international Zionism has essentially become Satanism.

Yemeni civilians living on bread crumbs.

This principle was articulated by St. Athanasius, who posited that any metaphysical idea which ontologically denies Logos and its central place in the universe will end up being Satanic. In a Satanic universe, what is true is actually a lie and what is a lie is by definition true. In fact, opposition to Logos “was deemed to involve an active allegiance to Satan.”[7] An “active allegiance to Satan” means that innocent people have to die in order to preserve a wicked ideology. If you doubt this, then take a look at what happened in Iraq in 2003, where the warmongers sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people.

In short, an “active allegiance to Satan” is the political ideology of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and indeed Israel, specifically when it comes to dealing with important issues in the Middle East. The Jamal Khashoggi debacle again makes this very clear. The recent war in Yemen is another example.

The sad thing is that there are people out there who preposterously think that the murder of Khashoggi was a set up by a “a rogue group connected to Turkey, NATO and others” in order to embarrass both Saudi Arabia and the United States! The person who has made this crazy claim is none other than Alex Jones.[8]

Creatures like Jones will never tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth because they prey on naïve people. Like Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau who keep selling military weapons to the Saudis (despite the fact that the Saudis have openly assassinated journalists),[9] a green goblin like Jones is just on the air to empty the pockets of thousands upon thousands of listeners. That’s why he lies. He invents lies. And he will continue to lie because he loves money more than truth.

So in the Zionist world, everyone wants to get a piece of the pie. The only people who cannot get even a decent meal are the poor souls in Yemen, people who are now living on bread crumbs.[10]

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  • [8] If you are an Alex Jones listener, if you are financially supporting this man with your precious money, then I feel sorry for you because you are being duped. Alex Jones has not the slightest of moral and truthful integrity, particularly when it comes to issues in the Middle East. No sane person should even support this man precisely because fundamental truth is not part of his vocabulary.
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  1. The system is as old as ancient Babylon where it originated. During their stay in Babylonia, the Jews obtained their knowledge of these demonic money games and took it back to Palestine (read Nehemiah 5). From there they spread the system to the rest of the world. Gary Allen was aware of the system as early as 1971:
    “The conspirators now had created the mechanisms to run up the debt, to
    collect the debt, and (for themselves) to avoid the taxes required to pay the yearly interest on the debt. Then all that was needed was a reason to escalate the debt. Nothing runs up a national debt like a war” (Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy [Rossmoor, CA: Concord Press, 1971], p. 62).

  2. Then there is the Satanic/”Left Hand of God” equivalent of The Lord’s Prayer.

    ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven’ is recognition of an extant Forst Principle. ‘Hallowed be They Name’ is recognition of God as Other and our respect. ‘Thy Kingdom come’ means that we can work towards a Kingdom of Universal Love on this planet.

    In opposition to ‘an eye for an eye’ or ‘no Chris, not love your neighbour, love your friend’ is the forgiveness of trespass, etc..

    The Kol Nidre (Google That) is a licence to lie. Jesus condemmed his murderers as “sons of your father The Devil”, murderers and liars from the beginning. This is a summary of the negation of Truth and Life (Love), which we see in the world today.

  3. Yes & good article. Thanks for getting truth out there. Masonic Zionism & Kabbalah are where you will find decent information about the origins of Satan/Lucifer/Samael/Roman Mithraism/Babylonian Talmud/Basilisk King of the Black Serpent/Qliphoth/Bael/Lilith/Moloch/Thamel/Madame Blavatsky/Black Sun/Saturn Death Cult theosopy for any real readers know how the Pharisee powers roll regarding Hermetic/Rosicrucian/Jesuit duality.
    Nice to see people writing about important issues in these Chaoskampf times of internal stuggle.

    • DANG VooDoo . . . I thought I was on a roll with Babylonian/Talmudic/Kharzar/Bolshevik/Zionist . . . I think I might add the Satan/Lucifer to the movement! The sin they started, exactly! Thanks!

      People don’t think there is the dark forces, and then . . . when they take over . . . YIKES!

    • Right on folks. I read a huge amount at the local Theosophical Society back in the Eighties. I think that I stopped after ploughing through “Morals and Dogma” and reached the bit about Lucifer Son of The Morning. Slammed the book shut, told the Gnomes there that Gnosis was a load of Shit and THEY called ME a “Deva”. High praise indeed, coming from THEM. Jewish Encyclopedia refers Theosophy: ‘see Kabbalah’. Kabbalah is the Jewish equivalent of Christian Theology, with Emanation (Unfolding/Enfolding Principle – not Creation) a denial of First Principle and the ‘Enlightened’ ‘Chosen’ Tribe as the Brightest Spark Plugs in the pack of Gnostic Dualists to represent the “Left Hand of God”. So the self-identification as Satanists is overt for anyone who has taken the trouble to study this stuff. VooDoo6Actual set down a good run-out of the historical roots of “The Big Bowl of Spaghetti, something that came out of The Middle East”.

    • The Babylonian Talmud is the equivalent of the Christian Catechism, in that they are Polar Opposites. The former outlines the Cult of Death and Destruction to further the aims of those Exclusivist Hermetically Sealed Delusionally Self Promoting and Self Aggrandising Gnostic Lying Murderers. The latter is a guide to Faith inTruth, Love, Life, Universal Inclusiveness and Hope that Nature can provide by excercising Ora et Labora. This really does translate on the material level to a battle between Labour and Usury – with the Power Holders implementing every sort of Divide and Rule Identitarianism to split and control their slaves.

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