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Health Editor’s Note:  It seems as though there is a wide disparity of care given at VA medical facilities.  Some veterans report “great” care and others cannot get seen in a VA emergency department(ED). Fact: Sick/ill/injured Veteran arrives at VA medical facility and deserves to be examined, tested if needed, diagnosed, and plan of care made to put him or her on the path to healthy, in a timely manner. Just like in the other medical world, well sort of. The non-VA medical world can be a system of none treatment, but on a whole you will eventually get some sort of medical treatment.

Each facility has known trouble, undisciplined makers who are and continue to be problems for veterans who need help. They are never fired. Administratively overburdened departments, not unlike police departments where police will shoot someone who is getting a cell phone out of a pocket and look the other way when drug deals are being made. There are VA employees who learn to play the game, the best of whom just bring their problems to work, the worst of whom sabotage treatment, destroy files, and sadly in case after case, murder patients.  Yes, the number of medical errors are astronomical, not unlike the alternative medical world, despite visits from the Joint Commission to police health protocols.   Having the wrong primary care physician at the VA can be a death sentence. 

Were you aware that new hires at a VA medical facility will attend a class on how to treat a veteran?  Yes, a class in being a civil, helpful, a caring human being.  I was there. I saw it!  I was incredulous, especially since the veteran is the reason for the new hire to have his or her job. I saw people who had no intention on being civil to anyone, let alone a veteran.

So, let us know how your local VA health care facility is taking care of you.  If you make a comment, please offer the location of your facility, because if you are getting great treatment, we all might want to come live with you……….Carol

VA Announces Aggressive New Approach for Low-Performing Medical Centers

WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced steps that it is taking as part of an aggressive new approach to produce rapid improvements at VA’s low-performing medical facilities nationwide.

VA defines its low-performing facilities as those medical centers that receive the lowest score in its SAIL star rating system, or a one-star rating out of five.  VA currently has 15 such one-star facilities:

Hampton (Virginia); Harlingen (Texas); Roseburg (Oregon); Washington (DC); Big Spring (Texas); Denver (Colorado); Dublin (Georgia); El Paso (Texas); Jackson, (Mississippi); Loma Linda (California); Memphis (Tennessee); Murfreesboro (Tennessee); Nashville (Tennessee); Phoenix (Arizona); and Walla Walla (Washington).

The steps VA is taking to produce rapid improvements at its low-performing facilities include:

Central, national accountable leadership – VA has designated Dr. Peter Almenoff, Director of VA’s Office of Reporting, Analytics, Performance, Improvement and Deployment (RAPID) Healthcare Improvement Center, to oversee improvement at each of the centers.  Dr. Almenoff reports directly to Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Executive in Charge of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

Comprehensive analysis and identification of improvement targets – VA is employing a new initiative, known as Strategic Action Transformation (STAT), that uses a rigorous and formal approach based on clinical performance indicators to identify vulnerabilities in each low-performing facility and set specific targets for improvement.

Provision of national resources for improvement – VA’s RAPID team of experts will use sophisticated statistical tools to track the progress of improvement against these targets, and, where warranted, will dispatch a team of expert improvement coaches quickly to the medical centers to assist them in meeting the goals.

Accountability for results –VA’s Central Office will review each of the facilities quarterly, and if the facilities fail to make rapid substantial progress in their improvement plan, VA leadership will take prompt action, including changing the leadership of the medical center.

“President Trump has made it clear that our Veterans deserve only the best when it comes to their healthcare, and that’s why we are focusing on improving our lowest performing facilities nationwide,” said VA Secretary David Shulkin. “We will employ tight timelines for facilities to demonstrate improvement, and if low performance persists, we will make swift changes — including replacing facility leaders — until we achieve the rapid improvements that Veterans and taxpayers expect from VA.”

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  1. This is just another reason why young people should NOT enlist in the military. I repeat, should NOT enlist in the military. Besides being dehumanized and dehumanizing other humans, they will be sent to fight in needless, unconstitutional and never ending wars that benefit.ft only a few. beside contributing to their won destruction they are contributing to the destruction of the very nation and constitution they have sworn to protect and they are part of that destructive process.
    And if they injured, whether overseas or in the states, health care will be hit and miss at best. If you die, your bodily remains will be chopped up and tossed into a landfill.
    Nice, huh?
    And Trump wants a massive military parade on the Fourth of July.
    Come on all you big strong men
    Uncle Sam needs your help again
    He’s got himself in a terrible jam
    Way down yonder in Afghanistan
    Well it’s one ,two, three, what are we fightin’ for?
    Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn
    Next stop is in Iran
    And it’s five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates
    Well, you ain’t time to wonder why
    Whoopee, we’re all gonna die.
    Washington and Jefferson were correct, to be concerned about a large standing army.

    • I would be remiss not to give credit for the words to the song by Country Joe McDonald/ Feelin’ Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag
      Sung at Woodstock music festival 1969.

  2. The VA is a total joke and everybody knows it but no one ever does anything about it. The current head is a carryover from Obama. I didn’t hear any squawking even from VT editors. Robert Rosebrock has been silent lately about the corruption in LA. The entire VA should be totally abolished. Distribute its budget to all the public hospitals and doctors in the country and direct all Vets to these public institutions. Obviously the outlaws in our government do not want the Vets going to local hospitals and doctors because they have plenty to hide and cover up. As if we needed any further proof our country is terribly broken, Trump runs his mouth about a military parade while the Vets get the usual shaft. No one should join our totally outlaw, criminal military today. All recruits must be provide total informed consent of just how bad their treatment will be when they are injured in battle. Their best outcome is death and I am quite sure the traitorous four star generals say that to each other in secret of course. By the way how did the four star generals do “defending” the country on 9/11/01? Instead of being permitted to retire on lavish pensions all should have been prosecuted and jailed for life. Israel did 9/11 with the aid of traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals. Shame on all these criminals: By the way the criminals in our military attacked Syria last night as Jim predicted and reportedly killed about 100 Syrian soldiers.

  3. When my brother was in the VA treatment program, there was one woman who seemed to feel she was imposed upon to do her job promptly. As he worked his way through the system, progress stopped for a period because that irresponsible woman just did not want to do her job.

    Others in the office knew about her performance but I doubt anything will be done.

    • Curious. I have witnessed the opposite. I knew quite a few seniors who have medicare, supplementary insurance and are veterans of boot camp that solely go to the VA for health care. They were all given a barrage of tests, follow up appointments, cheap drugs etc, which I felt were mostly unnecessary. But you couldn’t tell them anything. They were dyed-in-the-wool veterans they believed.
      I know I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this, but I truly believe that unless a soldier was injured while serving and/or was actually sent overseas to do battle, they should seek other avenues available to them for health care. Of course, if no other options exist, then by all means go to the VA. But in the face of the immense casualties from US follies in foreign lands, THEY should be the ones cared for 1st and not a soldier who did 2 years at Ft Dix and went home. It’s not fair and not right in my opinion. Give up your seat to a man who needs a chair. It seems to me the amount of wasteful spending at the VA would be better served on those men who are in need and not the armchair or weekend warriors.

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