Pentagon Silent Coup Undermines US-Russia Engagement on Syria

Aleppo's northern front, 09-30-16


by  VT’s Gwenyth Todd,   …with Sputnik News, Moscow

Gwenyth Todd
Gwenyth Todd in Iraq

[ Editor’s Note: It’s always nice to see Gwenyth Todd getting some coverage after the Georgie Bush regime put her through the meat grinder for messing up their little false flag plan to get a war going with Iran.

She is a survivor. So it was poetic justice seeing her pointing out the very possible case here of a challenge to the chain of command.

If you think that it is totally unrealistic that the Pentagon would take on the Commander in Chief, that is certainly a reasonable position.

But you have to consider the context, the insanity of this Syria mess, how angry some in the military industrial complex are about not getting their war with Iran and are looking for a substitute. And Obama is not about to fire a Secretary of Defense or Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff in the waning months of his administration.

Dunford will probably be leaving with the new administration and be looking toward to making the $3 million a year that officers of his rank can expect to be making. Some of us think that not a minor part of that compensation could be for things they have done while in uniform that benefited their future benefactors, who send a message to those coming behind what is possible if they play ball.

“They” tried to knock Gwenyth off in Bahrain, and she changed her plans at the last minute, which saved her life. There was a female naval cmdr. in the chain of command there who left the service after that. How I would love to interview her someday, tied to a chairJim W. Dean ]


Aleppo's northern front, 09-30-16
Aleppo’s northern front, 09-30-16

– First published … October 01, 2016

Senior US military officials secretly worked to sabotage efforts to cooperate with Russia on implementing a ceasefire in Syria, former White House National Security Council advisor Gwenyth Todd told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Friday, US Department of State spokesman Mark Toner told CNN the United States was close to cutting off engagement with Russia because of the Syrian government’s military operations in Aleppo.

“What we have here is like a silent US military coup,” Todd stated when asked why US-Russian cooperation on Syria fell apart.

Anti-Russian hawks within the Defense Department, Todd claimed, undermined cooperation with Russia and prevented the US government from no longer insisting on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s departure. The United States, along with its ally Turkey and other countries, are openly supporting terrorists in a conflict that is killing and wounding innocent men, women and children in Syria, Todd said.

“There is no viable solution other than to tell all [Syrian] armed rebels to lay down their arms or face all [US] support being cut off,” Todd suggested.

Arming any group whose aim is to topple President Bashar Assad, Todd argued, means dooming all peaceful civilians to being caught in the crossfire as the legitimate, if oppressive, government in Damascus fights to protect Syria’s existence as a nation.

“We [the United States] could fix this tomorrow by letting Assad reestablish control and security, but instead we keep insisting on legitimizing the rebels,” Todd maintained.

The US defense community, Todd also suggested, has deep-rooted and genuine relationships with their Turkish counterparts and requesting them to abandon this alliance to cooperate with Russia was met with stiff resistance.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed in phone conversations with US Secretary of State John Kerry that Moscow is ready for open dialogue with Washington on a settlement to the Syrian conflict.


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  1. The thread of NAZI influence in the US Navy exists from the decision of the location at which Bush Sr. was to ditch his Grumman, 1944, up to the recent event of two USNavy speedboats, secreting a CIA/MOSSAD-trained, ISIS leader onto the shores of Iran.
    Could Bush Sr.´s fraudulent crashing the Grumman Avinger in 1944 be considered the first, “false flag” event by the Bush/CIA?

  2. Why in bloody hell would Lavrov call Kerry to state he’s ready for open dialogue with Washington? Since when has Russia NOT been open to dialogue. This should have/could have been over 6 months ago. I have never seen such a screw up in my life as this. Russia ran with the ball, kicked ass and took numbers.

    Now Lavrov is calling Kerry? What for? There is only one answer to this. Russia has played footsy with Washington to long and now looks weak. Too much Zio propaganda has transpired against Russia, they are the bad guy, so anything they do from this point on will be reported as such.

    Russia has lost the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve peace in the M.E. and to put the real gangsters to the wall or in their graves. It’s as though they deliberately painted themselves into a corner. I just can’t understand this as it bodes very badly for us and the world, why did Russia drop the ball.

  3. Corruption at the highest levels in the Pentagon has led to state of mutiny at these same highest levels against the President and the American people. Imagine that! The best way to bring the war in Syria to a just conclusion would be for the pro government forces to finish the job in Aleppo, giving no quarter to the rebels. No more cease fires!

  4. Yet one more US foreign policy/military screw up!
    This is a USA ship, and NOT a UAE ship, but it’s being called a UAE ship for political purposes. (See that the ship is NOT listed here: )

    This is the ship:

    Not to be confused with:

    The ship was sunk with a salvo of 6 “Grad” type unguided missiles
    Another fine episode in US Naval history

    • Jim Dean´s desire to interview the “female naval cmdr. in the chain of command there who left the service after that”, is interesting. Similarly, the “commander” who arranged George H. W. Bush´s transfer from the NAZI navy to the US Navy, 1941-42. Was Bush allowed “time in grade” for his time as a teen-age associate of the NAZI navy? The thread, of NAZI influence, in the US Navy exists from the decision of the location at which Bush Sr. was to ditch his Grumman, 1944, (first false flag?) up to the recent event of two USNavy speedboats, secreting a CIA/MOSSAD-trained, ISIS leader onto the shores of Iran.

      The leadership of Iran continues to demonstrate its honor and goodwill, to wit, only taking the special forces of the USNavy speed boats into custody. Once inside Iran´s waters, the “patrol boats” and the US aircraft carrier qualified for abbreviated existence. The honor and good will of Iranian leadership prevailed – as usual. Back to 1980, Iranian leadership honoured their agreement with Bush, “the October Surprise of 1980.” As usual, the Bush-CIA entourage reneged. For details see, “Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S. – Israeli Arms Network”, pp. 68-75. Also interesting is the similarity of BHObama´s physical features and left-handedness with that of Bush Sr. – in addition to the similarity of the Bush deceit with MOSSAD deceit.

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