Assad confident anti-terror coalition of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria will succeed

The Russia-Syrian anti-terror coalition is exposing the US one as a fraud
The Russia-Syrian anti-terror coalition is exposing the US one as a fraud

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   with Press TV,  Tehran

Russia's precision guided bomb
Russia’s precision guided bomb

[ Editor’s Note: We knew while we were exchanging briefings with the Syrian government during our mid-September Damascus trip that there were changes in the wind for the Syrian conflict.

The Russians were obviously being invited in to run a modern, state-of-the-art air campaign, which would definitely be a game changer, and one totally in compliance with international law.

The Syrians had tons of on the ground Intel on ISIS and the other terrorist group activities, and adding in the Russian satellites, their drones and new communications equipment, the effective air strikes were no surprise.

But what we underestimated was that, with all this time to prepare, the only media campaign the White House and Pentagon could put out was the same old, worn out lies and Russian bogeyman kindergarten silliness.

The Israelis did their share, feeding in a huge stream of bogus stories of civilian casualties to corporate media, but they used the same old garbage front sources that they always have, like the CIA front Syrian Observatory. But after 48 hours of the world public slapping that all down, even the Washington Post stopped printing the disinfo material out of sheer embarrassment.

The worst mistake, as Gordon covers in detail in his first War Zone article, is the spin that the Russians had broken an unspoken agreement not to attack the moderate opposition forces, which generally refers to the Free Syrian Army. But the knuckleheads at the Pentagon forgot that we already knew the FSA had left Syria earlier in the year; those FSA who did not go over to IS or al Nusra.

Russian FM Lavrov even picked up on our coverage on this phony FSA story with his comment today, asking the Pentagon to tell him where the FSA was so the Russians could be careful not to harm the 10 or 12 that might still be lost in Syria. We are on a roll this week. You just can’t make this stuff up, only “they” can do thatJim W. Dean ]


Russian fighter_rockets

– First published  …  October 4, 2015

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has expressed confidence that a new coalition involving Russia would succeed in fighting terrorists in the Arab country. In an interview with an Iranian news channel, Assad noted that overcoming terrorist groups in Syria could be achieved faster if some Western and Middle-Eastern governments stop supporting terrorists fighting against the Arab country.

The Syrian president further warned that those governments’ support for terrorism will backfire. He also spoke of Syria’s sovereignty. Assad stressed that no foreign official is entitled to meddle in his country’s internal affairs. He said Syria’s political future can only be decided by Syrians themselves.


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  1. As for the “psycho in Israel”, trust that the Shin Bet have his own “Yigal Amir” waiting in the wings as the ultimate veto to any suicidal policy.

  2. Exactly Excalibur. ” what the ‘west’ has become.” lacking in courage and leadership as predicted by Alexander Solzhenitsyn decades ago.
    And yes they display a trust in fiction as with their talmudic rewriting of history.

    • My mom watches a lot of Fox News and she’ll have to be woken up carefully. Cognitive Dissonance I think is when adverse information is so anxiety provoking that one changes new information or won’t accept the given information so as to relieve the anxiety and live in a comfortable fantasy. So perhaps the Americans weaned on Fox News milk will need to be in a different frame of mind to accept it from Putin. Or maybe hear about Apollo or JFK first. Or I expect some PsyOps guys here on VT know the best way to reach the most. After all some of them must know how the masses were programmed and reprogrammed over the years. You know that saying about how hard it is to admit you’ve been fooled.

  3. Great work Jim. I think that it is also about balls on Putin’s part. The Washington parasites are not accustomed to any real form of negotiation or true statesmanship. They are only able to apply wholesale bombing and murdering whilst instructing an international controlled media to report an entirely fictitious narrative about what had just happened. In short – bullying the world and making it up as they go. They see world events as a movie script which they and they alone must write.

    Washington is not used to any form of resistance from their bullying – period. Let alone someone who publicly tells them that they are wrong – then tells them why – and then makes changes himself on the ground to correct the situation. The talmudic movie version of the world which they package and portray to an open mouthed and gullible public via an utterly compromised media – is wearing thin thanks be to God! – as it meets the real world on the ground.

    Mr Putin is the most important human being on the planet right now. The world must use his strength and his guts to see, to compare – and to understand what the ‘west’ has become.

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