Secret Nazi nuclear facility found during excavation

WWII Secrets still being uncovered
WWII Secrets still being uncovered

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This is Auschwitz's fake gas chamber with its post WWII chimney. It was reallyh the morgue for the SS hospital in the back, and then a bomb shelter
This is Auschwitz’s fake gas chamber with its post WWII chimney. It was really the morgue for the SS hospital in the back, and then a bomb shelter

[ Editor’s Note:  This recent surprising discovery of what is being called Germany’s WWII nuclear bomb development facility seems to raise more questions than it answers.

I am always surprised to find filmmakers, in a very tough business today, being able to ferret out things that were not found after the war when Germany was combed from one end to the other in a race to seize any new technologies before the other side did. This included the rocket and weapons personnel, who were hunted down like winning lotto tickets.

The story below has some surprising numbers about who worked there, although on a number of projects. It seems strange that large numbers of these people would not have been rounded up by either side and encouraged to tell all they knew.

The document trail for a facility like this must also have been huge. But we will be learning more on this story as the excavations continue. Expect no YouTubes on it soon, as filmmakers prefer to go big screen to have any chance of funding their projects, unless they have a wonderful sugar daddy behind them.

The now discredited Auschwitz story gets a replay here, obligatory by Germans to save themselves getting a five-year sentence for uttering a word that conflicts with the official state version. So once again, the story of the official “four million died here” plaque being replaced by the new “one million died here” plaque does not earn a mention by the investigative filmmaker.

The reason is obvious — but still a secret. When three million were removed from the Auschwitz death rolls, they were not correspondingly removed from the big “six million died” list. There were no celebrations that there were now three million more Jews in the world.

Almost every journalist that I have shared this advanced mathematics with… that 6 minus 3 does not equal six, except in holocaust propaganda, never seems too happy they learned the good news. They seem to prefer the 6-million number. Does that make them anti-semites? … Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  January 5,  2014 


Skilled workers were critical to Germany's war production
Skilled workers were critical to Germany’s war production

Austrian filmmaker Andreas Sulzer led excavation team to find suspected Nazi nuclear facility in the town of St. Georgen an der Gusen in Austria; excavation began after researchers found very high radiation levels in the area.

A series of secret underground tunnels was discovered in Austria last week and according to observations – the tunnels make up a complex that was used by the Nazis to develop an atomic bomb.

The complex, which covers an area of 75 acres, was uncovered in the Austrian town of St. Georgen an der Gusen almost 70 years after the end of World War II. The excavations began after researchers found very high radiation levels coming from the area.

The excavation team was led by Austrian filmmaker Andreas Sulzer who told the British newspaper The Sunday Times that the site was “likely the biggest secret weapons production facility of the Third Reich.” The facility most likely relied on forced labor from the nearby Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp and could have been a testing location for a nuclear bomb.

The Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp forced thousands of prisoners to work tirelessly to build the two complexes and it is believed that 320,000 people died because of the cruel work conditions – 38,000 of them Jews.

SS General Hans Kammler
SS General Hans Kammler

The facility is believed to have been headed by the SS General Hans Kammler and is also situated near the B8 Bergkristall factory – the site where the first working jet-powered fighter was created.

The Bergkristall factory was uncovered by the Allied Forces after the war; however the Nazis were able to keep the underground facility made up of tunnels that they built a secret.

The entrance to the facility was only discovered after the excavation team, which includes historians and scientists, discovered information that was gathered by intelligence reports and witnesses testimonies. The excavation team found SS helmets and other Nazi equipment.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the excavation team will attempt to remove layers of soil and reinforced concrete along with granite slabs that were used to hide the entrance.

Sulzer says that the prisoners from the concentration camp were from all across Europe and were chosen to work on the giant project because of their specialties in physics, chemistry and other industries. “We owe it to the victims to finally open the site and reveal the truth,” says Sulzer.

The investigation into the nuclear facility began after another investigatory documentary made by Sulzer on Hitler’s demands to develop an atomic bomb.

During that investigation, Sulzer discovered a diary belonging to a physicist who was ordered to work for the Nazis. More evidence that helped lead to the discovery of the facility was witness testimony given by scientists who worked on the secret project run by the SS officer Hans Kammler.

Kammler, who approved the plans for the gas chambers and crematorium in Auschwitz, was responsible for Hitler’s rocket project. Kammler lived in St. Georgen towards the end of the war.

The V-2
The V-2

Sulzer searched archives all around the world for evidence of the SS nuclear weapons project. He learned that on January 2nd 1944, 272 prisoners were taken from Mauthausen to St. Georgen in order to begin the construction of the secret facility.

Up until November 1944, 20,000 out of 40,000 forced laborers were killed during the construction of the tunnels. After the war, Austria spent 20 million dollars in order to cast reinforced concrete tunnels.

However, Sulzer believes that the Austrians missed the secret facility where the atomic bomb project took place. Even though the US took control of the area from the Nazis, the Soviets were responsible for the St. Georgen area until 1955 following the division of Europe and took many of the documents to Moscow.

Experts are trying to find out if there is a relationship between the St. Georgen location to locations in Germany – in which scientists were placed during World War II in order to try and develop the most dangerous weapon of all – the weapon the Americans used for the first and last time in 1945 against Japan – the atomic bomb.

In 2011, nuclear waste was discovered from what is suspected to be a secret facility of the Third Reich – at an old salt mine near the German city of Hanover. More than 126,000 barrels of nuclear materials in a state of decay were found 600 meters below ground.


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  1. Charlotte NC Bill. To follow. Any retreat in the Eastern Front would have had Soviet troops earlier in Berlin. Much have been said about the Stalingrad, like Custer’s last stand, but the depicted scenario doesn’t make any mention of the paralell Soviet defeat under the “Mars” operation, that saved the Northern Front. The War declaration to the US was not done under the spell of a warmongering frenzy but as a consequence of US belligerant actions, boicot/blockade, harrasment of German shipping, armaments provision to UK and direct attacks to Kriegsmarine units. Little was left to foresee the US entering the war therefore, the Declaration was just a need to keep the operations initiative. Worth reading, liddell Hart’s “The Other of the Hill” and Robert Hersztein’s “Roosvelt and Hitler, Road to the War”. Makow’s opinions have to be collated against Germany’s proven success in economics as on several other fields, as it seems to be in atomic science.

  2. I have read by many accounts that the Germans were astounding and anal bookkeepers, keeping records for the actual calorie count each inmate consumed to the number of cans of ZyclonB stocked in camps. Couple that with Gorbachev releasing actual death certificates and figures from the Auschwitz camp in the 80’s showing that roughly 76,000 deaths occurred while Auschwitz was operational, couple that with David Irving’s investigation, Zundle etc, and I see no basis for even considering the possibility that Hitler was ever looking to produce a atomic bomb. To use against whom? He was not about that.

  3. “Kammler, who approved the plans for the gas chambers and crematorium in Auschwitz, was responsible for Hitler’s rocket project.”
    Press TV picked this article up from Israeli Ynet news and made it a top story. Without Jim Dean’s editor’s note, which they don’t have, it appears like a Israeli propaganda piece. I thought Iran hosted “Holocaust” conferences and generally considers the “Holocaust”a myth. More evidence that Press TV is compromised? To really make you sick, read the comments for the Press TV post of this article.

  4. I wish they would too. So Hitler the monster cancelled Germany’s atomic bomb program bc he thought it was inhumane and we good people developed and used them on civilians.

  5. Auschwitz had a stream of visitors that debunked it in the 90’s. That is why they changed the plaque from 3 to 1 million. Ernst Zundel made several trips doing video commentary. The craziness of thinking that a gas chamber would be put next to an SS hospital was off the scale. Also, the drainage system of the “gas chamber” was tied to the hospital one were gas could have leaked over. What is in the photo was a macarbe Russian version they put up as a tourist propaganda trap. It worked very well. When gas execution expert Fred Lechture took the wall samples and had them independent tested it broke the Zundle trial in Canada wide open, a huge defeat for the holohoaxers. The evidence showed they were consistent with delousing chambers always used in the camps to fight the spread of typhus. But tCanada framed Zundle as a terror threat so they could use the secret evidence stuff to nail him, and they did.

  6. The only question really is why they didn’t just go for the win in WWII and end it right there. Maybe its because of what Hitler said in part 14 of THE POLITICAL TESTAMENT OF ADOLF HITLER – Radio Islam (Google it), about us seeing just how evil the people we threw in with were. It took a little longer than the 25 years he predicted but then again they were on their very best behavior till they made that disgusting movie Wall Street and one of them coined the maxim that would define their operating orders for the next 25 years; “Greed is Good.” Have we now seen enough yet? But it goes much deeper than that. Jan Van Helsing blowhard that he was got it right (for once) in SECRET SOCIETIES AND THEIR POWER IN THE 20TH CENTURY when he said they waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled. He didn’t know what the prophecy was but I do and have for over 25 years, which I have to assume is why I have tasked with writing all this. Allow me and I will say. But if nobody wants me too; its all the same to me…

    • Knock yourself out. Like any other prophesy I am positive that it will make more sense than not. Like the Fatima prophesy that spoke of an an apostate Pope and the fall of the church from grace as a result.

  7. Actually Mr. Dean you have been breaking this story since the beginning of last year under the title of Black Sun Rising. As usual the MSM is way behind VT. I think best evidence for National Socialism having and testing nuclear weapons at least by 1944, if not earlier is presented in four if I am not mistaken. The only question really is why they have let this façade go on for so long. It was they who gave America the atomic bomb neatly wrapped in a gift package called U234. Then they sent Baron Manfred von Ardenne to the Soviet Union to insure a balance of power and we all didn’t blow ourselves and the planet to hell with our new toys as Hitler feared.

  8. To quote Gordon Duff.
    There was 3.5 million jews in Europe prior to ww2 .
    Hitler had 6 million of them killed in the holohoax which left 3.3 million remaining.
    I just hope uncle Gordi will forgive me if i have misquoted him.

    • The jews took their own census in Europe to tally themselves. In 1938, across all of Europe, they counted six point something million jews. In 1948 how many do you think they tallied? Nine point something million. Their numbers.
      The International Red Cross estimated jewish deaths in the camps to be 250-270,000. From all causes. Gypsy deaths were estimated at 1-1.5 million.
      Sixty to sixty six million white, mainly Christians, were murdered by the jew bolshevist operation known historically by the euphanism of the Soviet revolution.
      They, you see, are historically responsible for the lion’s share of killing, so to speak.

  9. The Germans and the world have been brow beaten by the Zionists to suffer serious guilt, but history and the absolute truth shows that was never the case.
    People like David Irving who have only stated well researched facts and have been hounded and jailed because they say what the Crime Cabal hate to hear. The truth.
    One of the great youtube video,s is “The greatest story never told” which gives a real insight into the real facts of Germany and Hitler.
    People have been brainwashed, and still are to the real truth of WW2 and why it happened.
    JFK was an admirer of Hitler and of what he did and why.
    In this program they showed a picture of a German flag with a swatzsticker and said, ;If this offends you then you need a lesson in history.”
    True. But still it goes on because the word Nazi is used as a ploy to explain the evils of the world.
    It is hard to realize the truth after you,ve been programmed from birth to believe it.
    Sometimes I think that Lee Harvey Oswald and Adolf Hitler would be the most maligned men in history.
    Even when you know the truth it still feels uneasy to speak about it because you have been so indoctrinated by it for years.

  10. I think this facility was documented in David Irving’s 1967 book called The Virus House Germany’s atomic research and Allied countermeasures. I am certain that the old salt mine at Hanover is gone into in great detail.

    A great book, You can get a free copy of this book and others from his website.

    • The site, yes, but Mr. Dean stated that this section was not found until recently. Google Earth acknowledges it. I find that interesting as you cannot see 3D in the Lanza’s alleged neighborhood, or the “New School” in Monroe CT, but I can see a NAZI facility. I can also walk on an ocean side road in Tasmania, but not in Newtown

    • Thanks for the plug Howie on Irving’s free download books. He was the first to do this, and a good business move as he wanted to catch a younger generation. I have video footage of three or four of his visits here to Atlanta. I have tons of video archives waiting for work to be done on them.

  11. That was supposed to be a reply to Charlotte. Concerning the article I hope they have enough sense to consider the radio active environment as a health hazard and take appropriate action.

  12. You know, maybe the head count covers the Jews that were in the allied forces and the Jews in the German army killing each other. Also, we must not forget how these people count. The Auschwitz figure could be reduced as compound interest kept the capital at $6 mil. I know it’s rare, Jim, but sometimes you can make this stuff up.

    • Yes…they also added in the 500,000 Jews killed in the Soviet Army, and huge numbers who died in Stalins Urals work camps under horrible conditions. That their death rate was similar to the worst Nazi camp claims is another WWII hidden dirty little story. More Germans were slaughtered after the war, especially those mass murdered in their attempted walking out of Sovet territory to West Germany, than Jews were really killed during the war. Ingrid Rimland was a ten year old girl who survived.

  13. 12 million German civilians were killed at the end of the war and after the war. 2 million German women were raped by the Soviets, Americans, British and French ( pretty much in that order -the Jewish Soviet propagandist, celebrated in Israel, Ilya Ehrenberg was an advocate of this mass rape ). And 1 million German POWs were killed in Ike’s death camp AFTER the war and the Germans are still apologizing for the Holohoax.

  14. Of course; people like Henry Makow will see that as further proof that Hitler was ” a double agent ” ( which might be true). Which is why he let the Brits/Canadians escape fm Dunkirk. Which is why he didn’t order the early taking of Gibraltar ( which was of MONUMENTAL importance ) . Which is why he didn’t bring the troops home in time for Christmas ( any excuse would do ) rather than have these irreplaceable troops captured by the Soviets to be worked and tortured to death ( at Stalingrad )…Which is why he didn’t back up Hess ( at least say, ” Yes, I sent him to the UK as an envoy for peace .” Which is why he stupidly declared war on America after the Japs stupidly attacked Pearl ( instead of attacking the Soviets in the spring of ’41 to back up Operation Barbarossa ).

    • Charlotte NC Bill. Dunkirk was a show of good will toward peace. Proven that in any case, if Britain surrendered loosing the main bulk of its army, the remaining Commonweath forces would eventually replace the British Army besides, the US had planned to occupy England and Ireland. Normandy landings later on, would also prove that Germany was fighting not only England but also, the Anglosphere, totally under the masonic commitment to eliminate Germany, whatever it may have taken to accomplish. to be included the fact that the fight was against 4-World Empires, all under Jewish domain, which didn’t object the issue of as many dollars as were needed to win the war, people had Jobs, and no inflation allowed. Franco knew that letting Germany demolish Gibraltar would give nothing to negotiate after the war with US-UK, as he foresighted the allied victory, much like Mannerheim not letting Germany eliminate the railroad to Múrmansk also, by the same calculation.

  15. Gen. Kammler seems like a patriot who knew that acquisition of these weapons was probably Germany’s only hope ( to make up for the treachery of certain aristocratic Generals who stupidly figured that any defeat would be much like the last one-at the worst ). 38,000 victim workers huh? The Jewish Bolsheviks ran the Cheka, ran the gulag death camps. They easily killed 38 million goy as their brethren in the West cheered them on. We’ve known for some time that Germany had a budding nuclear program. It’s been reported that Hitler cancelled it. He thought nuclear weapons were horrific and shouldn’t be used. Which proves that he was better than Roosevelt and Truman.

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